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Adomantra is the leading Digital Marketing Solution Provider that has been a trusted partner for numerous brands for over a decade. Ever since our inception in 2012, our strategic planning has ushered 200+ ‘Fortune 1000’ Companies to pinnacle. At Adomantra, we work on customised strategies for each client based on innovation, collaboration, creating experience, infrastructure modernization, operational excellence, information and insights

We use next generation platforms that influence the power of programmatic buying with absolute transparency. We deliver remarkable results to all our clients as our forte lies in all prominent digital pillars such as PPC, Display Ads, SEO, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Web Designing, PR Services, and more. With us, you always get an edge over competitors.

"Adomantra believes in optimising digital footprints for brands with sheer modesty and setting a greater benchmark everytime!"

Our programmatic analysis and creative innovations enables brands to optimise their global advertising through efficient planning and monitoring. Adomantra helps in strategizing a social intelligence practice that moves businesses past the data to action, optimization and ROI. We see next generation platforms that influence the power of programmatic buying with sheer modesty and clarity.


Our Approach

We're not just an Agency
We're Consultants, Strategists & Partners

Adomantra helps the companies understand their audience and behaviour with intuitive ad concepts and effective communication that drives response. We help in elevating the brand's presence with custom digital marketing strategy, channel expertise and flawless execution. We curate integrated strategies that help in growing revenue through e-commerce footprints.

"We begin our work from ground root level that is why we are different from the rest!"


Mapping Baseline

Our media strategy is based on marketing campaign gaps and missed opportunities.

Building Roadmap

An expert in your niche is designated to strategize a sure shot path based on ROI.

Building Roadmap

Monitoring Growth

Monitoring Growth

Your custom dashboard will collect and centralize analytics from every marketing channel to monitor growth.

Effective Output

With Adomantra, you can sit back and relax. Just watch your revenue going upwards without any pressure.

Effective Output

"Adomantra makes it seamless to track digital matrix, conduct industry research, calculate ROI and make strategic decisions. From impression to transformation, we constantly profile, score and deliver to meet Brand objectives."

Our Objective

Increase Conversion Rate. Increase Traffic. Increase Revenue.

Our purpose is beyond driving a valuable marketing performance. Adomantra believes in building a positive and progressive environment based on trust, honesty and transparency. Our strong bond with clients helps our team to push boundaries and deliver them extraordinary results. We work closely with businesses of all sizes, the top notch as well as the start-ups with the same passion and dedication. Every client of ours holds immense value to us and we ensure the best customer experience to all.

Our Team

Channel Experts & Leading Marketers

With an award-winning team of digital marketers, designers and developers, the results at Adomantra are nothing but the best. Our relentless and dedicated marketers focus on the business objectives and also track metrics. We forecast, innovate, strategize and also provide Complete Digital Assistance to all our clients that ensure their sure shot success. Serving a large number of companies globally for almost a decade now, our years of experience and insight has led all these associated companies to an extraordinary stature. Their success stories strive us in creating impactful opportunities, digital impressions, bigger market shares and huge revenues everytime. With Adomantra, you are always digitally ahead!

Get A Customised Plan That Fits Your Company’s Objective & Needs Get A Customised Plan That Fits Your Company’s Objective & Needs


Adomantra is a success-driven digital marketing agency which started in 2012 with a mission to connect brands with their right audience in a meaningful and effective manner. We enable brands with complete accessibility to the latest technology, exciting strategies, media plans and a gamut of digital services under one roof!


Our vision is to be the pioneer in acquiring the latest technology and staying at par with global standards in the fast-evolving digital industry. We aim to transform the dynamics of brands across the globe by expediting the process of growth and success in the new-age digital advertising world.

Customer success always comes first.

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