Dr. Vikas Katoch: A Global Visionary & A Pioneer in Digital Advertising & Marketing

Created a benchmark as an online video advertising pundit, vikas katoch, ceo & founder of adomantra digital india pvt ltd is a pioneer who is upping the ante of the digital marketing industry in india. Also, recognised as a 'Global Visionary', his expertise and knowledge in business transformation, Ad Sales, Brand Strategy and Product Marketing has led to phenomenal changes in the industry. His futuristic approach and philosophy has impacted Digital Marketing evolution in all these years and which is why he has been facilitated with a degree in Doctor of Philosophy in the Specialised Area of Digital Advertising and Marketing by Commonwealth Vocational University.

His Successful Journey His Successful Journey

In his career span of over two decades, he has made remarkable contributions to India's thriving digital ecosystem. reckoned as one of the top 25 digital marketing agencies in India, adomantra today is a leading agency that has created success stories for 200+ fortune 1000 companies worldwide with its effective and innovative digital marketing techniques. Having delivered innumerable campaigns that have helped companies meet their desirable ROI, the company ever since is transforming businesses into big brands with faster turn-around time, impeccable delivery, insightful reporting and on-the-go optimizations.

Also, his two more successful ventures,
Adotrip - the largest online travel platform in India and Adotoon - a safe and secure entertainment platform for kids reflect his visionary quality as he has expanded horizons to other industries as well. Both these companies along with Adomantra have opened unlimited avenues for many industry professionals and fresh talent to learn, grow and realize their dream in the fields of digital marketing, travel & education.

Notching up as the top influential game changers of the country, his 3 companies are basking in the glory of success. also marked by prestigious awards such as top 100 leaders by impact digital power, best technology company by cto forum, excellence award in media & entertainment for adomantra by digixx, excellence in travel & leisure for adotrip by digixx, mobexx award for mobile advertising, mobexx award for his unwavering support and many others, adomantra, adotrip & adotoon are names known to all!

His Ideologies & Vision His Ideologies & Vision

Ever since the inception of adomantra in 2012, the company has excelled under the constant guidance, progresssive vision and strong ethos of dr. vikas katoch. His vision is to broaden industry perspective and create a transparent system wherein both, the businesses and the community get optimum benefits of digitally evolving landscape.

He is currently brainstorming on various skill development programs that will lead to growth opportunities and will generate employment. He aims to foster the youth of the country by leveraging digital power to its true potential and creating a growth environment where India will emerge as the next superpower.

“Internet penetration is increasing rapidly which will lead to enormous growth opportunities for all business houses if their digital frontiers are strong. And Adomantra, like always, will help its clients leverage this fortuity with expert guidance and seamless services.”
- Dr. Vikas Katoch
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