Ever since its inception, Adomantra has focused on building long-term relationships with the clients as well as the publishers by securing the highest eCPMs, the biggest advertising budgets, and top-notch advertisers as our media partners. Unlike our competitors, we work with our publishing partners on a completely transparent revenue-sharing model. Owing to this very fact, we always succeed in building long-standing relationships with all the major agencies, working with 88 of the top 100 popular global brands. Our skillful creative and delivery team work in sync with the advertisers and publishers to enhance the user experience. Safeguarding the interest of the clients, Adomantra also ensures that the ads are compatible with all the devices and platforms so that it can reach a responsive section of the target audience. We, at Adomantra, can help your brand reach new heights with the support of the right advertisements at the precise time and on the correct platform, courtesy the best publishers.

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